Santa Ana has some great bars and restaurants. Be sure to check out some of our favorite hot-spots that we've provided some information for belows!


1828 N Tustin Ave, Santa Ana | (714) 541-6263
This is definitely one of my favorite places to enjoy great sandwiches, and their corned beef and salami one is delicious. They also have a huge meatball sandwich that is really big and really good. I highly recommend that you eat here, it's great.

Santa Ana Dining -

400 W 4th St, Santa Ana | (714) 543-9821
I love coming here and getting jazzy with it, because it's so much fun. I also enjoy delicious food on the menu, like the calamari and the popcorn chicken. It's just a great place to have a great meal, and enjoy really fun live entertainment.

George's Thai Bistro

3732 S Bristol St, Santa Ana | (714) 979-8366
This is definitley the place in Santa Ana for great Thai Food, and great people. Now, I've had a lot of chicken pad thai in my day, but this place is the best place to have it. It's a great Thai meal every time.

Antonello Ristorante

3800 S Plaza Dr, Santa Ana | (714) 751-7153
Phantom Ales is a beer lovers dream. They have a beer for every taste preference. Phantom Ales has some of the best service of any bar you'll visit and a great casual, although intimate atmosphere. Great for a night out or for a date! Menu items are just as good as the drinks!

Chicken Maison

3332 S Bristol St, Santa Ana | (714) 434-0244
I had the most amazing lamb kabob from this place. The lamb was so so fresh, it's not even funny how fresh it was, it was delicious. I would highly recommend that you try the lamb kabob, it's out of this world with goodness.

Clemente Seafood Restaurant

124 W MacArthur Blvd, Santa Ana | (714) 556-2815
This is probably the best place in Santa Ana to have really great fish tacos that are tasty and wonderful. It's not your typical restaurant, but instead it's more of a hole in the wall, fun type of place. Good eats, and good times, I'd recommend it.

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